I love the sweet smell of dawn -
our unique daily oppportunity to smell time,
to smell opportunity...
each morning being, a new beginning.



- Terri Guillements -


Creative Director, Mescha Martin is the driving force behind Chasing Dawn, in fact she IS 'Chasing Dawn'. From her first days in a boutique advertising studio, to an impressive career in magazine publishing, editorial and branding, she has now given life to her own design service from a cozy home studio. She proudly holds over 15 years of blood, sweat and design tears close to her heart and loves nothing more than weaving heart skipping creative with an enviable understanding of business. She has designed best selling magazine covers, launched businesses and is a deadline ninja.


Mescha is passionate about solutions that fuse trends with timelessness, achieve purpose and get the most from your budget. She believes in the power of creativity to inspire opportunity and is always chasing that sense of excitement and renewal that great design delivers.